But what is thermal water?

Brides-les-bains is one of the most important spa resorts in France. The thermal baths of Brides-les-Bains are renowned for their cures specialized in the treatment of overweight and rheumatism and lavish many treatments and massages based on thermal water... But what is thermal water and why is it used to treat certain medical conditions?

The benefits of thermal water

Thermal water is natural water that has not undergone any chemical treatment and is drawn directly from underground springs. The objective is to preserve the qualities and natural properties of this water rich in minerals, which vary according to the source of origin.

The water used at the Brides-les-Bains thermal baths is water rich in silicon which is beneficial for blood and venous circulation, skin tone and the fight against cellulite. It comes from two sources: that of Hybord providing naturally warm water (34 degrees) drawn from 44 m deep and that of Philbert whose natural temperature is 24 degrees and which is 75 m deep.

Use of thermal water

Once the water is harvested, it can be used in different ways during spa treatment. The temperature at which the thermal water is used will also be important, particularly in the treatment of pathologies. The various treatments offered fall into three categories: The drinking cure: prescription of thermal water to be ingested to promote digestion, for example. Spa treatments: drainage, massage, hydrotherapy treatment (shower and bath) Application and mud bath to relieve arterial pain in particular. During your spa stay in Brides-les-Bains, be sure to take advantage of the pain-relieving properties of the mud from the Grands Bains de Salin.